Alexa is your new best friend.

 You can find the virtual assistant in the kitchen, the living room, and even the bedroom. But did you know the technology can help you get out of an emergency situation? It has your back, literally.

Alexa is equipped with an Emergency Help feature that you can turn on in the Alexa app to get help when you need it most. The feature is designed to provide an additional layer of security for those who might find themselves in a difficult or dangerous situation.

Setting up the Emergency Contact feature is easy. Here’s how to set up Alexa to get help in an emergency:

1. Open the Alexa app for iOS or Android and tap Communicate on the bottom menu bar.

2. Tap the Contacts icon of the group silhouette in the upper-right corner.

3. Now, search or browse for the person you would like to designate as your emergency contact.

You need to pick someone you trust and who would be able to help if the need arises. They must also have a U.S phone number listed in their contact details.

Alexa will text your emergency contact to confirm them as an important person in case of emergencies. They’ll be able to call and message you through Alexa on any device.

How To Use Emergency Help Feature

Using Alexa to notify your emergency contact in an emergency is simple. If you or anyone in your home needs assistance, just say:

  • “Alexa, call for help.”
  • “Alexa, call my emergency contact.”
  • “Alexa, call my help contact.”
  • “Alexa, call my contact for help.”

Alexa will call and text your emergency contact, and they’ll be able to call you back on your Alexa-enabled device.

This is a good option for an elderly family member, a child at home alone, or a person who has disabilities and may not be able to access a phone. The Emergency Help feature is just one more way Alexa can help make your life easier. With this new addition, you can feel confident that you have someone to rely on in an emergency.

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