Our Members

Sylvia Kersenbaum

SCKCB member Sylvia Kershenbaum is a world-renowned pianist and and teacher at Western Kentucky University. Below are a couple, of the many videos, available of and about her.

June 25, 2015, WKU Magazine story about Sylvia
Sylvia with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Colon
Sylvia playing the Brahms Piano Concerto in B-Flat

Jim Thoune

SCKCB Treasurer, Jim Thoune, is a writer and Chess Champion. Below are a couple of his poems and pictures of him being Jim.

The Gardener

“Hurt me not and I won’t hurt you!”
Blind gardener spoke from bed of flowers,
conversing minutes into hours
with ants and hornets, wasps and flies
Voiced no cries from wounded flesh.

“Hurt me not and I won’t kill you!”
Blind farmer spoke in thought and deed,
with no great speed but steady rhythm
stealthy with him moved the rodents
through the stalls, on to the fields
spreading fodder, gathering yields.
Young birds hop ahead and see
the hunter in his bed bestretch
himself then settle back to drowse
at peace within the aura strange and fresh.

“No need to kill me, nor I you!”
Blind farmer senses menace near
the rasp of morbid, savage fear
bitter venom on the wind
with only denim covering leg.
The lovely crafted lethal boot
might send the viper to the egg
but should the farmer once mistake
the copperhead for harmless snake,
one bite will serve to right the err.

“Peace,” sighs farmer pointing where
the viper’s tongue is flicking, clicking
Farmer kicks a clod and bangs
his stick dissuading dripping fangs
“We’ll both progress from bad to worst
for if you try to deal death, I
must have to still you first!”


Vibrant morning breeze
Blind man tapping tree-lined road
Wasp nest hangs head-high.

Jim At the 2017 Chess Championship
Jim throwing the first pitch
Jim throwing out the first pitch at a Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game

Ron Milliman

Picture of Eric Guth
Eric Guth, host of QSO Today
Portrait of Ron
Ron Milliman
Audio of Ron’s Conversation with Eric Guth on his QSO Today amateur radio podcast
Picture of Ron in his Ham Station
Ron working some hot DX on his amateur radio station
Ron in his boat with big catfish
Ron with the big catch of the day