Minutes of the December 2020 Meeting

The regular bi-monthly meeting of the South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind was held by Zoom conference call on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, and was called to order by President Jim Thoune at 2:20 p.m. CST. Attending were Wendell Barnett, Tracy Cole, Eldon Kaiser, Richard Lindsey, Sheryl Lott from the Owensboro group, Lisa McKinley, Dianne Oliver, Rhonda Pennycuff, Mickey Quenzer and Jim Thoune.

Following introductions, Jim explained about our regular bi-monthly business meetings, which had been held as a face-to-face gathering until this year and the Covid 19 epidemic. Since February, 2020, we have met via Zoom conference calls on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. CST. Our business meetings are the first Wednesday of the even-numbered months: February, April, June, etc. Meetings on the other Wednesdays are “chatrooms”. Jim also emphasized that SCKCB has been working, although with our new phone or computer format, during 2020. The organization has had an increase in members, contacts, meetings, donations, helpful information and ideas and guest speakers. He thanked everyone who has helped to contribute to our “upturn”, especially Vice-President Richard Lindsey, Teresa Escue, and Mickey Quenzer.

In the Treasurer’s Report, Tracy Cole included the January, 2020 beginning balance and the balance as of December 2, 2020. The motion to approve the report was made by Eldon and seconded by Mickey. It was approved unanimously.

February 2nd was our first meeting of 2020, when we met from 1:30 to approximately 4:00 p.m. and had lunch together. Now we meet for about one hour. Our next regular business meeting will be February 3, 2021, and right now we assume that meeting will be held by Zoom call. At that meeting the main agenda item will be the election of officers for Vice-President and Treasurer. Nominations have generally returned the incumbent to office. Jim noted, however, that often the majority of the work was done by two or three people. Jim is also asking that a new President be chosen. Nominations have generally been made from the floor and the more members we have willing to participate in this process, the stronger our organization will become. If you are willing and able to help or have a nomination suggestion, contact Jim or Richard.

We discussed the standing of our members’ list, Michael has set up a new members’ list at a new site, because the server we had been using was removed due to problems. This has a new address for members only and is available to members.

Further discussion was also held about our outreach to surrounding counties. Jim noted that the dynamics of this will be more difficult because of the lack of information about those who might have a need and Covid 19 restrictions. Places for contact might include: Doctors’ offices, senior centers, churches. A starting place may be to contact the county clerk’s office in rural counties. Dianne has a list of phone numbers.

The use of social media sources was also discussed. We did have a Facebook page years ago, but it was closed due to the time required to maintain it and the few responses received. With the growth of social media, usage may well increase. We might also use an “ad” to make SCKCB known. We will also pursue working with ”Kids On The Block”, although with the variable types of school attendance, there are changes here as well. >p>Sheryl Lott shared ideas for activities and events used by the Owensboro group, including bowling. ceramics, a silent auction and others. It was suggested by several, that we have a joint meeting with the Owensboro group for fellowship and the sharing of ideas.

A motion was made by Dianne that the meeting be adjourned. This was seconded by Mickey. This was approved and we adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

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