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The SCKCB site has officially been switched from its old format to a new WordPress managed site. Previously, the site was created from hand-written code and worked well enough, but required our webmaster’s direct intervention for all updates. As the requirements of our organization have changed we needed a better way of managing the content on our site. Enter the WordPress content management system. WordPress is free open-source software and so costs the SCKCB nothing but provides us with many options for keeping site content up to date. It also allows us to easily expand our site, adding new content and new features, as the needs of the SCKCB change. For the moment, the site contains pretty much the same content as the old one, however we have in the works a new Resources page which will probably go on-line fairly quickly. Look to see posts from our officers made directly to the site rather than requiring our webmaster to edit the site. As WordPress has many thousands of easily installlable add-ons and options are freely available it will be very simple to add new features to the site.

Currently all of the site’s content is available without requiring a log in. However, it is possible to add “members-only” content and features. That being the case, as part of the upgrade to WordPress, the site has been secured with the standard HTTPS encryption giving us the ability to send and receive password information without fear of those passwords being hacked. Currently, the only users that are required to log in are those making changes to the site, and there is a special login page for that purpose. Going forward, should we provide content that requires login, a link to the login page will be provided for our member’s use.

As with any change, especially in a site such as this where accessibility is a paramount issue, there may be glitches or things that can be improved to make it more accessible and/or usable to our members. We welcome any and all suggestions and they can be sent to the webmaster or any of the officers of the SCKCB (see our contact us page).

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