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Serving the blind and low vision population of South Central Kentucky

Our Programs and Activities Page

Vice President Jim Thoune Playing Chess
SCKCB former Vice President Jim Thoune (left) plays a mean game of chess!!
Photo of the SCKCB baked goods fund raiser
SCKCB bake sale fund raiser

Donato's Non-Profit Night

Donato's Non-Profit night was a great success, and we were glad to see everyone there to help us raise money for the SCKCB. We did have better than the minimum attendance required to share in the profits for the night, which I'm sure pleased our treasurer.

Donato's Pizza guests Another angle on the guests

Benefits and Programs

Through our parent organization, the ACB, we offer the following benefits, programs, and activities:

  • Information and Referral: All of our ACB staff provides information on a wide range of blindness-related questions. Our toll-free number to call is 1-800-424-8666 FREE (between 2 and 5 p.m. Eastern time). The direct number is 1-202-467-5081. For online information, send an e-mail message to
  • Employment: Every two weeks, our parent organization, ACB, posts a job bank on its web site at with nationwide employment opportunities of particular interest to blind and visually impaired people. Information about job announcements is also available from the Washington Connection, 1-800-424-8666 FREE during evenings and weekends.
  • Grants: The SCKCB provides a very generous grant program. Our grants are available to any legally blind person living in one of the ten counties comprising the Barron River Area Development District (BRADD) in Kentucky. You can read all of the details concerning our grant program by going to our SCKCB Grant Page here on our website.
  • Our South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind offers scholarships to legally blind students that reside in one of the ten counties comprising the Barron River Development District (BRADD). For more information about our SCKCB Scholarship Program, go to our Scholarship Page. In addition, our parent organization, the ACB, provides more than twenty-five other scholarships annually to outstanding legally blind post-secondary students who are enrolled in academic, professional or technical training programs. Hundreds of legally blind students who have benefited from these scholarships over the years have gone on to careers in computer science, law, teaching, music and many other fields and become major contributors to their communities.
  • Our parent organization offers internships at our national office in Arlington, Virginia, to provide college students with valuable knowledge of ACB's legislative and governmental activities, and an awareness of the variety of issues that a large national organization like ours of people who are blind and visually impaired deals with on a daily basis.
  • Publications: "The Braille Forum," our national magazine, is published in several formats including large print, braille, cassette, by email, and computer disk, or can be downloaded from the ACB web site or via email upon request. "The Braille Forum" features articles on employment, legislation, disability and civil rights issues, advocacy, sports/leisure activities, and new products and services of particular interest to people who are blind or visually impaired. This publication is free to all of our members.
    Photo of SCKCB Christmas party
    SCKCB members enjoying a Christmas party
  • Information Hotline: "The Washington Connection" provides up-to-date legislative news and information on issues, which are important to blind and visually impaired people. Call on evenings and weekends at 1 -800-424-8666 FREE, or visit the Washington Connection link on the ACB web site.
  • Resources: Topical brochures and resource lists are available to provide information on a variety of subjects of special interest to blind and low-vision people and their families, ranging from computer equipment to diabetes management, and many, many others.
  • ACB Radio: ACB Radio on the Internet delivers a variety of programming streams, including music by blind musicians, interactive programming by blind DJs and commentators, old-time radio, and informational programming about topics, which are of particular interest to people who are blind. This new and popular service is available 24 hours a day at
  • Radio Broadcasts: "ACB Reports" is an informative monthly radio news and feature program broadcast on radio reading services across the country. The recording is available in several different formats and sources including on ACB Radio, through audio files on our ACB web site and podcasts.
  • The SCKCB and ACB Website: The SCKCB provides this website, the one you are currently accessing to read about us. In addition our parent organization's web site provides a wide range of resources about the Council and its activities, information on our many state and special interest affiliates, and links to other useful blindness-related web sites.
    Photo of Sniffer Holly's new teddy bear
    Sniffer the teddy bear, made by Sue Robinson for Holly
    Photo of Sue and Holly
    Sue Robinson gives Sniffer the teddy bear to Holly
  • SCKCB and ACB Internet Users Group Lists: Our SCKCB provides an email list to all of our members created to keep us up to date on issues of interest to blind and low-vision people, such as changes in laws, pending legislation, new medical developments, new products and services, and simply as a means of exchanging information among our members and letting our members know about our meetings and activities. In addition, our parent organization, the ACB, provides several email lists that our members can subscribe to that facilitates the exchange of information on a broader, national level and is a forum for open expression of ideas regarding blindness-related topics. You can join any or all of these ACB email lists from ACB's web site.
  • Legislative and Governmental Monitoring: We monitor legislative activity here in Kentucky, and in like manner, our staff in the ACB national office routinely monitors legislative issues of vital interest to blind and visually impaired people on the national level. We assist in the drafting of legislative language, with the specific needs of blind people in mind, and sent to key congressional staff to be included in proposed legislation. Both SCKCB and ACB governmental staff advocate on behalf of blind and visually impaired citizens in congressional hearings, meetings with government officials and with decision-makers throughout the government.
    Ron with the catch of the day
    Ron showing off his big catch of the day, a blue catfish.
    Ron talking to the world
    Ron Milliman at his amateur radio rig where he talks to people from all over the world.
  • Legislative seminars: Our parent organization, ACB, sponsors legislative seminars in Washington, D.C. and during our ACB annual national convention teach blind and visually impaired people how to advocate for themselves.
  • Public Awareness and Education: Through radio and television public service announcements, special events, and personal presentations, we, ACB national and our many other state affiliates and chapters promote the independence, dignity and advancement of all people who are blind and visually impaired.
  • Legal Advice and Assistance: While the SCKCB does not get directly involved with any kind of legal advice and assistance, our parent organization, ACB, provides free consultation on the rights, services and benefits available to people who are blind or visually impaired through our advocacy services program.
  • Join the SCKCB: When you join the South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind, you automatically become a member of our parent organization, ACB, and you can begin to immediately benefit from all of the programs and activities provided by the SCKCB and ACB. We hold quarterly meetings featuring special guest speakers, exhibits, and other activities related to opportunities and challenges we face in our everyday lives. We seek to assist each other as a support group, not holding "pity parties," but rather to encourage each other to overcome challenges we all face in our daily living, offering solutions to those challenges, and informing you, as one of our members, of opportunities that will assist you such as new products and services available, employment and educational opportunities. Just sharing friendships and knowing other people who struggle with the same issues and problems and learning how they overcome them is priceless. To become a member, go to our Join the SCKCB Page and complete the form provided.