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Serving the blind and low vision population of South Central Kentucky

About Us

The South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind (SCKCB)

The South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind was founded on September 4, 2003. We are a membership organization formed by blind people to promote the independence, dignity and advancement of blind and visually impaired individuals. Our members are blind, visually impaired and fully sighted people, from all walks of life, and ranging in age from teens to elders. People who are blind or visually impaired constitute the majority of the membership and are responsible for setting and administering SCKCB and ACB policy. We seek to encourage blind people to make significant contributions within their communities, to live and work independently, and to advocate for themselves.

Picture of Max Robinson in his wood shop
Max Robinson, SCKCB's first webmaster, cutting plywood on a table saw in his wood shop
Ron and Palma Milliman with ACB Walk Trophy
Ron (Former SCKCB President) and Palma Milliman holding the ACB Walk trophy

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) is our national, parent organization. The ACB is a nation-wide organization whose headquarters are located in Arlington, Virginia and has more than seventy state and special interest affiliates and an extensive national network of local chapters and thousands of individual members.

Our governmental staff in Arlington constantly monitors laws and regulations crucial to the lives of blind people. Issues which receive our attention include civil rights, education, employment, Social Security benefits, rehabilitation services, guide dog access, pedestrian safety, expanded public transportation, travel and recreation, adaptive technology, Braille literacy and more. Frequently, ACB works in coalition with other disability groups worldwide to create a range of effective programs for people who are visually impaired. As just one example, our organization was the leading consumer organization of blind people actively seeking passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Through our efforts with our parent organization, we address the unique concerns of various professions and special populations with our many national special interest affiliates and committees. These groups focus on issues of particular concern to women, minority groups, people who are deaf-blind, students, library users, teachers, lawyers, guide dog users, Braille readers and families of people who are blind or have low vision. Each state affiliate hosts at least one annual statewide convention. Special interest affiliates and groups sponsor programs, workshops and business meetings during our annual national convention. In addition, our many state and special interest affiliates publish newsletters, and undertake public awareness campaigns, advocacy, and specific projects to make a difference in the lives of blind and low-vision people across the entire country and even around the world.

Ron at an SRC meeting
Ron Milliman at a State Rehabilitation Council meeting

About Our Officers

Our President

Our president is Jim Thoune (JT) who says he is not a blind man, but a man who happens to be blind as well as five feet 8 inches tall, with gray, curly hair and a medium build. Totally blind since age 5 due to Retinoblastoma, he is a 67-year-old retired Government employee, where he divided his time almost equally between programming computers for the Office of Naval Intelligence and trying to help people with tax issues as a Customer Service rep for the IRS. But his background also includes a Master's degree in Sociology, which he applied to the Social Services field for ten years. He's been a baseball nut and Chicago Cubs fan since age 10 as well as a tournament chess player since 1973, and he now has three National Blind Chess Champion titles to his credit. Also in 1973, he became the first totally blind person to be certified in the US as a SCUBA diver. These days, he is an adjunct instructor for the Hadley Institute where he teaches two chess courses to blind patrons. For fun, he divides his time between reading, chess, travel, some fitness, a little writing, (A couple small publications), some building, and working in his yard. Finally, just a word or two about those chess titles. He says he is not the best blind chess player in the country. Far from it, but got his chess titles, his diving certification, and some of his writing published, because he showed up and tried. His Mother forced him to accept that blindness wasn't going to take away his ability to learn or to do things. It was just going to make him find different ways to go about it. He's learned firsthand she was right. Thanks Mom! he says.

As blind people, I believe we need to pay particular attention to the reality that if we don't put ourselves out there and try, we won't get anywhere.

JT can be contacted at

Our Vice President

Our Vice President is Richard Lindsey. Richard is a 51 year old man, born and raised in Warren County. Born with R.P. (Retinitis Pigmentosa) and with that he also has Usher "hearing loss". He still has some vision, central mostly, but it's getting blurred to where glasses are not helping. He is just now starting to use assistive devices and learning new things everyday.

Richard is a retired Heating, Venting and A/C Tech. who worked at the Bowling Green Medical Center for 12 years before his vision got too unreliable to continue working in that field. So, he became a stay at home Dad and enjoyed the time he got to spend with his daughter. Now he cares for his grandson so his daughter can go to college and get her degree.

Having joined the SCKCB around two and a half years ago, he enjoys the time spent with the group. Richard says:

I learn something every time we get together. I hope we can keep learning and caring about Blind and low vision impaired people in our area, so lives can be better.

Richard can be contacted at

Our Webmaster

Our Webmaster is Michael Milliman. Born in Michigan, he has lived in Arizona and Texas where he joined the Army. During his four years in the military, he was stationed in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Turkey. He currently lives in Eddyville, Kentucky.

Mike has always had an interest in technology and electronics in all its forms became his hobby. At the age of 13, he was licensed as an Amateur Radio operator, and he maintains his license to this day. He spent his time in the military as an electronics technician and continued in electronics as a broadcast engineer when he left the military. He also worked as an electrician and troubleshooter for the government.

Currently, Mike continues his interest in electronics as a hobby, as well as a side-line. He also enjoys cooking and works at Patti's 1880s Settlement in Grand Rivers as a baker, fry cook,and just about anything else needed in the kitchen. He says that he gets the best of both worlds, spending his work hours cooking and his spare time experimenting with electronics and computer programming.

Mike thoroughly enjoys the challenge of maintaining the SCKCB's web site and keeping it up to date with the latest technology while ensuring that it is completely accessible to the blind and low-vision population. Mike says:

Accessibility is one of the major issues on the internet today, and I enjoy doing my part in ensuring the accessibility of our little part of the web.

Mike can be contacted at